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 Beta Journal

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PostSubject: Beta Journal   Tue Aug 19, 2008 10:49 pm

The following thoughts were written as they came to mind, so it will be disorganized, but those who have yet to play the game should take it a look over before rolling a char. At the time of writing, my witch hunter is lv25.

  • If you have played WoW, Mythic essentially took a thesaurus to it. Level = rank, Raid = warband, /yell = /shout, stealth = incognito, etc. Get used to anything you knew having been renamed to diferentiate an already superior product.
  • Pick up your trades as soon as you reach the second town, and don't fall behind in leveling them. I recommend scavenging on your main, and grow seeds and disenchant shit on an alt. Scavenging provides a shitton of cultivation, apothecary, and talismen making materials, and lets you loot enemy players, win.
  • Mounts are available at lv20 in our capitol city for 30g, make sure you have that much saved.
  • PvP gear is awesome, and is available at rank(level) and renoun(pvp rank) intervals. Such gear is available in the t1 warcamp, and t2,3,4 keeps. Be sure you have the proper pvp rank at the appropriate level. Example: lv25 = renoun rank 13 gear.
  • Each tier has a strict level cap, and you cannot participate once you pass the barrier. T1=lv1-11, T2=lv12-21, T3=22-31, T4=32-40. Get enough pvp in for your next set of gear before leaving tiers. YOU WILL GAIN EXP FROM PVP, so don't rush to max lvl to own ppl.
  • You will have more fun initially if you stay with the main body of players level-wise. In beta currently, I am one of maybe ten ppl over lv20, and I am alone. I can't pvp or public quest cuz there is NO ONE else there. So take the game slowly, enjoy it, don't bother rushing levels.
  • Witch Hunters and Witch Elves have an opener from stealth that deals damage WHENEVER YOU MOVE. It is called Enfeebling Strike or Sudden Accusation. If you get hit by this...don't move. If you try to run away, you will die.
  • Warcamps are armed with heavy artilery. Don't get to close to enemy camps. If they get close to ours, blow their face off with a fucking cannon. You do more damage with the cannon as the crosshairs close in on the enemy (u'll see when u use one)
  • You can't level solely off your own race's maps, spread it out and get pvp exp too.
  • Every warcamp offers repeatable player kill quests. They are repeatable. Go to all towns in your level range and get all the PK quests as you will get credit for all 3 quests for 1 kill. Turn in, repeat. Exp exp exp.
  • Level 30 rogues (WH/WE) can sneak inside keeps, watch your back even inside.
  • Stealth is on a 1 minute cooldown, max 30s duration. CD does not start till stealth expires. There are no perma stealth rogues.
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PostSubject: Re: Beta Journal   Tue Aug 19, 2008 11:51 pm

< Found the warcamps today

Let me tell you guys this game just got 100% better.
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Beta Journal
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