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 Tome Tactics

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PostSubject: Tome Tactics   Wed Oct 15, 2008 10:59 am

Tome tactics can be useful in RvR for the purposes of not agroing guards, here are the unlocks you'll need to unlock the 50% agro range reduction for humans, elves, and greenskins.


Bandit - Wanted
OSTLAND @ 56, 24k. Kill the NPC L17 bandit champion Lodwig Falkenheim.

Drakk Cultist - Hard to be a Leader
THUNDER MOUNTAIN @ 17, 5k. Click the "Drakk Altar" inside the cultist cave for the unlock. Also accomplished by killing a Drakk Cultist. Any Cultist up there should do.


Gnoblar - Cull of the Weak
MARSHES OF MADNESS @ 56, 7k. Fight Boglars until you collect 5 Boglar Ears, once you have 5 in your inventory you will lose all of them and receive the tome unlock.

Gnoblar - Tiny Tyrant
MARSHES OF MADNESS @ 35, 60k. Kill the L20 Honcho Bogwash.

Also try:

Dwarf Slayer - Off with his...
BARAK VARR @ 11, 49k. Go inside the iron clad and talk to the Captain and he gives you the unlock.

Dwarf Slayer - Look Out Below!
KADRIN VALLEY @ 29, 40k. Up on the bridge there's a barrel of tools, right click for unlock.

Snotling - Green Lightning
MOUNT GUNBAD. Kill L20 Kezzen, located inside the isntance, roams in a wide page across the left hand bridge.
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PostSubject: Re: Tome Tactics   Wed Oct 15, 2008 3:52 pm

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Tome Tactics
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