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 Stupid People.

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PostSubject: Stupid People.   Mon Sep 26, 2011 5:36 pm

I was in a bugged Rift Warfront the other day.
This guy says to me Why arnt you healing we are losing.
I told him there was just 2 of us and 2 full groups of guardians.
The warfront was bugged. He called me a noob then look at the drop down and notice that ya there were only 2 of us and 10 or 12 of them.
I told him run down there over to the side get the murder ball ill heal you from here.
So he runs down and dies like 5 times. The he says are you healing me I said i was mezzed he said o ok we will try it again then.
He proceeded to run down get killed several more times.
The light bulb Hey there is no mezz in this game.
By this time they had gotten enough points to close the wf so i wouldnt get a debuff for leaving.
My comments on leaving were wow that was fun watching you die what 10 or 11 times seeya noob.
Then i left.
Well i thought it was funny
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Stupid People.
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